What People Say About Me

“To say that a giant lives in that body is an understatement.”
Bob Eaton- General Manager
Deluxe Motion Picture Catering

I truly felt that her contributions went beyond her position. Her time with the team was valued and respected. She brought energy and innovation to the center.

Rian Hanneman - Director of Operations
Anaheim Convention Center

I was extremely impressed with Lizette’s ambitious nature and her interest in issues that were above and beyond her scope of work. In addition to booking well against her booking goals, I found Lizette to be a creative thinker, who was always striving to learn more, and to find new ways to create success.

Greg Juceam - Vice President Sales
Interstate Hotel and Resorts

Lizette’s insights in the Catering and Event Production business allows her to envision possibilities above and beyond the norm, as she seeks opportunities to elevate guests’ experiences. I am fully confident that Lizette has a bright future! Her enthusiasm, energy and commitment to excellence will continue to benefit the hospitality industry and those that she will serve.

Cheryl Cecchetto - Owner and President
Sequoia Productions

Her efforts to provide Five Star service in all areas were evident and along the way she gained valuable experience in various aspects of hotel operations and guest relations.

Geoff Young - General Manager
The Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey

We genuinely wish there were more individuals like Ms. Lopez in the hospitality industry.

Private Client

Lizette was extremely well-versed in all types and methods of cooking with the most important part being “healthy”. She was always pleasant to be around and was honest.

Private Client

Her dedication and positive attitude created a unique dining experience, and as a result, our client couldn’t be more complementary.

Amy Unell - General Manager
Wolfgang Puck Catering

Lizette Lopez De Arriaga can give us all a lesson in perseverance through adversity and making the most of one’s talents. Through some difficult times in her early life, Lizette has worked her, studied, and developed her talents to constantly push herself to the next level of accomplishment. She shares her insights and lessons learned in this book. Lizette is determined to be the best that she can be and achieves this through hard work, listening to others (including constructive criticisms), and always experimenting with new ways to achieve better results. I can attest firsthand to the success that she has achieved and her constant striving for excellence. Read this book and you can learn from Lizette’s experience and wisdom.

Private Client

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